A Letter to you: Price Increases

It's funny that this is my first official blog post because starting a blogging/writing component has been on my to-do list for about 10 years.  Raise your hand if you can relate to procrastination due to perfectionist tendencies?!  

We wanted to take a couple of minutes to just share with you a tiny background about why our prices have increased, though we have a feeling most of you are well aware of the inflation and increased cost of doing business (life in general!?) sweeping across the US.  

Since the pandemic started, we have been struggling with myriad of challenges: some supply and demand, some state and local ordinances, but mostly the financial impact of increases cost-wise of shipping and freight as well as raw material (for us that means green beans!).  The current pricing and shipping changes have adjusted ever so slightly to track the increase in imported arabica bean pricing we have been paying since the start of the pandemic.  In 2021 alone, arabica green bean prices have increased close to 43%, though now in the first quarter of 2022 this is closer to 55%.  This rise in goods we are implementing comes from a place of pricing neutrality, NOT wild profit gouging. We hope that you can understand the tough position we are in right now, know that we have staved off an increase as long as possible, but with our latest orders it has become apparent this pricing is setting the tone for coffee futures: even if it goes down a bit within the next 8-12 months, it will still be much higher than 2019.

We know and appreciate that as American consumers you are flexible, prepared, and somewhat understanding to any pricing increases across the board: inflation is everywhere in our daily lives now, including the news.  Here are a few variables you can research to help understand where and why these increases are trickling down to your cup of coffee: increase in global shipping labor costs, extreme weather in large coffee producing countries (this affects prices everywhere, not just country of origin), global but especially US shipping bottlenecks at ports, price increase from all of our shipping carriers steadily through 2021 but especially announced in Jan 2022 (UPS & USPS), political protests in Colombia stalling exports and ultimately driving up costs, & increase in costs from hardgood suppliers to us (bags, boxes, shipping tape, etc). I explain and include this information so that you feel informed - and not swindled.  We are not simply raising prices just because we want to.  We have always been all about inclusivity with Lake Charlevoix Coffee Company, and recognize that inclusivity starts with pricing.  For us, these increases reflect an honest appraisal of the market, the future, and our survivability.

Thank you for reading this and for supporting us through such unknown times.  We know how important it is to brew an excellent cup of freshly roasted coffee from home (maybe even especially now!) and it never escapes how lucky we feel to have you choosing us.  We are thankful, grateful, and appreciative x1000000 to send out every order you place. 

Your humble local coffee purveyor,

-Brittany (& LCCC crew)

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